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Reduce the Number of Spare Parts
Every tool crib is full of duplicate technologies from multiple vendors, every machine can come in with different sensors and components and spare parts over time can be a nightmare to manage. Balluff can help upfront on a project in specifying the right sensors & I/O and developing a project specification book with you. This will ultimately help keep the components selected common and condensed.
Plant Manager or Specification Engineer
Help Managing the Project at OEMs and Integrators
Once project POs are cut, there are many different machine builders, integrators and sub-contractors involved in the production of your production line. Utilizing our global and local partners, we work with these companies to ensure that the sensor & I/O components selected for the project are used. This way when all of the different sections are assembled at the conclusion of the project, there will be a uniform usage of sensors and I/O across the production line.
A Partner in Production
But getting the project up and running is just the beginning. You want to keep production operating at ultimate efficiency over the entire lifetime of the equipment. Having the right spare parts available for sensor or I/O failure is a key factor in keeping the downtime numbers low. Working with our local partners and our Florence, KY warehouse, we are able to work with you on a number of managed inventory solutions specific to your needs. Training of staff on a new technology; or an audit of the sensors and connectivity followed by a consolidation by Balluff technical experts can help implement these benefits in an existing facility.  See more in Balluff's Services brochure>>
Get More Data from Your Equipment
The need for detailed data on production and the causes of downtime is instrumental in running an efficient manufacturing facility. Providing maintenance crews detailed diagnostic information and assistance in finding the problem allows them to troubleshoot issues faster and can reduce the overall time a machine is down. It is even possible to automatically track repeat offender sensors as well as have sensors indicate if they need to be looked at during the next break or Preventative Maintenance cycle.