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Shrink My Controls Cabinet
I/O cards and terminal strips take up space and can make controls cabinets unnecessarily large. With machine mount I/O, all of the control I/O slices can be removed. The cabinet can be sized smaller and there is no loss of functionality: valve manifold control, digital I/O, analog channels, RFID, and more.  Learn more in Balluff's Networking catalog>>
Control Engineer at Machine Builder
Reduce my I/O Cost Per Point
The labor involved in parallel wiring a valve manifold or terminating a set of discrete sensors is labor intensive. Analog devices can get expensive quickly with shielded cable runs and costly four channel analog input cards, especially when there is only a need for one analog channel. Distributed Modular I/O reduces the labor required in hardware setup and can be customized to reduce I/O hardware costs.  See more in Balluff's Distributed Modular I/O brochure>>
Simplify the Controls Quotation Process
By utilizing the same components for I/O regardless of the PLC brand or industrial network selected, pricing for controls equipment is standardized from machine to machine, which makes calculations easily expandable and repeatable.  See more in Balluff's Distributed Modular I/O brochure>>